House Rules

Constructive Criticism Only
The goal of CPD is to help everyone get better. If you don't know how to give constructive criticism, what you can do is list positive and negative observations. Any ideas that can help the creator get better would be great too! Anyone leaving inappropriately cruel reviews and personal attacks will be punished by having their review left up for everyone to see how you have conducted yourself.

Pinups Good. Sequential Art Better.
Unless you plan to only do covers, we highly suggest posting sequential art pages. Especially if you want to get paid work as comic book artist. If you're a writer, you can post finished comic pages of your story. You can post script pages too if you like, but you'll need to upload them as JPGs or PNGs. Letterers, colorists and designers can post finished pages as well. Publishers can post covers if you like.

No Spamming!
The contact information displayed on here are not for you to add to your mailing list. Please only contact someone if you are serious about collaborating or hiring them for working on a project. Please report any spammers so we may deal with them accordingly. In this small community, our reputation is the most valuable thing we've got.

Use Your Best Judgement!
Please, nothing pornographic or in bad taste. We understand that comics have a history of depicting scantily-clad, gravity-defying female bodies, but we also want to encourage diversity in this industry and therefore respect must be maintained for everyone. Postings deemed to be degrading, insulting or disparaging will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Pay To Play
Unless a creator has specifically said they are open to non-paid opportunities on their bio, please only contact members about projects that are paid. And no, "Great exposure" is not a form of payment. Marvel and DC give great exposure, but they pay too.

Got A Review? Leave A Review.
The whole point of this site is to make it easier to figure out who's a good match for you to work with . So if someone gives you a review, please give them one too. And please, please everyone be fair, respectful and constructive. Leaving an inappropriate review says more about you than the reviewee.