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Name: Wilfred Esteves Primary Role: Writer Other Roles: Letterer Genres: Fantasy, Mythology, Western, Sci-fi, Comedy, Drama 
Location: Texas, United States Contact: Website: www.***.***
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Bio:My name's Wilfred Esteves. I write. I tend to enjoy writing comics and screenplays. My favorite genres are scifi and fantasy. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and currently live in Austin, Texas with my dog. Currently working on the comic "Thorn Squadron", drawn by Alaire Racicot and lettered by her husband, Toben. I enjoy coming up with plots and ideas for future and current stories. Currently have many ideas I'm working on, including a couple of screenplays.


Thorn Squadron

A sci-fi action adventure about an all-female resistance fighter team trying to bring down the ever-vicious Imperium and bring peace to all worlds once again.
Written by Wil Esteves
Illustrated by Alaire Racicot
Colored by Bethany Consoliver
Lettered by Toben Racicot

The Other Thief

A noir short story about stolen identity and a globetrotting master thief.

Writer: Wilfred Esteves

Artist: J. Blas

Jacqueline's Kiss

A horror story.

Writer: Wilfred Esteves

Artist J. Blas

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Alaire Racicot Date 12/22/2017

Review: Wil is such a cool guy! I've been working with him for almost two years now on his series "Thorn Squadron". He's a pleasure to work with, and a professional in what he does! He's working on other cool stories. So, artists - ask him for a script!