Creator Profile: SHANE TAYLOR

Name: SHANE TAYLOR Primary Role: Colorist Other Roles: Editor, Inker Genres: Superhero, horor, noir, steampunk & dieselpunk 
Location: NC, USA Contact: Website: www.***.***
Delivers Or Pays On Time: Professionalism: Communication: Quality Of Work: Price Range:

Bio:I am presently a Carolina resident who has lived in various parts of the U.S. And Korea; currently working with several indie-comics companies as colorist, character designer and part-time editor. I started reading Captain Marvel and various horror comics in the 70s and ever since, I’ve drawn and colored heroes; first in crayons, then markers and eventually a battered old Mac laptop."


"Fantasy World of Bettie Page" by Tidal Wave Productions, "World's Edge" by Comics United, "Honeypot" and several anthologies by Wonderfunders, as well as "Sunscreen" by Black Jack Comics.

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