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Name: Salgood Sam Primary Role: Artist Other Roles: Production / Designer, Publisher, Editor, Inker, Writer Genres: Sci Fi, mystery, pulp, monsters, slice of life, memoir 
Location: Quebec, Canada Contact: Website: www.***.***
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Bio:Salgood Sam is my pen name, I started drawing comics professionally at the start of the 90s under my given name Max Douglas. I've worked both in the US 'mainstream' industry and as an Indy creator with smaller publishers. And my last 5 books have been self published. I also teach comics and cartooning in Montreal and via patreon. For the last decade I've been mainly focused on personal projects and not taking on comics contacts with others. But I'm possibly open to doing cover work, story and art editing, and possibly drawing short stores in the near future.


At this time I have over 40 published credits in comics and related media, along with several animation credits and a long list of freelance illustration jobs. For my comics work history you'll find a compleat listing here on my website. And my general CV is on LinkedIn here.

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