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Name: Ramon Gil Primary Role: Writer Other Roles: Production / Designer, Publisher, Editor, Letterer, Artist Genres: Sci-fi, Espionage, Slice of Life, Comedy, Adventure 
Location: New York, USA Contact: Website:
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Bio:Ramon Gil writes stories mostly for comic books. He got his first cartooning byline at the age of 11 and has been telling stories ever since. His signature genres are sci-fi, comedy and espionage with a healthy dose of conspiracy theories, a smattering of superheroes and a generous helping of witty dialogue. Traditionally trained as an illustrator, Ramon still sometimes draws a story or two. Ramon’s work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and he has been featured in The Examiner, Comic News Insider, Sci-fi Saturday Night, Nerd Church, Indie Comic Source, Chaos Generation, System 8, Artists’ & Graphic Designers’ Market, Créme Magazine, Altra Magazine, Crain’s New York, The FilAm, Filipino Express and Stephen Romaniello’s The Perfect Digital Portfolio. His short films have been screened at Film Festivals in New York City and Chicago. He also enjoys organizing panel discussions for comic cons.


Roads Less Traveled Anthology (Comics Experience, 2018)
Senturies #1 (Scifies, 2017)
Intertwined #5 (Dynamite, 2017)
The Men from DARPA #3 (Scifies, 2016)

The Hard Code #2 (Scifies, 2016)

The Gwan Anthology (Forward Comics, 2016)
Duo Anthology (8th Wonder Press, 2016)

Scifies Greatest Hits (Atlas Unleashed, 2016)

The Men from DARPA #2 (Scifies, 2015)

Truer Than Trousdale (University of Southern California, 2015)
Wonderfunders Anthology #2 (Indyplanet, 2015)

Scifies Anthology #4 (Scifes, 2015)

Asia World Magazine (Asia World Media, 2015)

Uncanny Tales (8th Wonder Press, 2015)

Scifies Anthology #3 (Scifes, 2015)

Indie Comics Magazine #8 (Aazurn Publishing, 2015)

The Men from DARPA #2 (Scifies, 2014)

Phrases-to-Pages (Pronto Comics, 2014)

Scifies Anthology #2 (Scifes, 2015)

Santa’s Favorite Tales (Vizyon Entertainment, 2014)
Out of the Blue – A Collection of Strange Stories (Stache Publishing, 2014)
Scifies Anthology #1 (Scifies, 2014)
Party Train (DRL Books, 2000)
Souvenir Program (San Diego Comic Con, 1994)
Souvenir Program (San Diego Comic Con, 1993)
Legends of NASCAR (Vortex Comics, 1993)
Upper Campus (The Daily Fortyniner, 1986-1989)
TV Times (1980)

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Bob Salley Date 06/21/2016

Review: Ramon is one of the most professional creators I've met in this small indie community. Always refreshing to touch base with him.