Creator Profile: Mike Gagnon

Name: Mike Gagnon Primary Role: Writer Other Roles: Artist Genres: Horror, humour, sci-fi, superhero 
Location: ON, Canada Contact: Website: www.***.***
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Bio:Born in 1981, Gagnon was a creative prodigy who began his professional career in 1998 at the age of 17, creating comics and writing film reviews. Since then Gagnon has worked in comics and graphic novels, journalism, film and television and more. Gagnon's work has been published by Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Entertainment, Sun Media, and many small press credits. Gagnon's work ranges from writing to illustration to coloring and sometimes a combination thereof. He also teaches the new generation of artist and writers at Max the Mutt Animation School in Toronto and with public workshops in the Niagara Falls Canada region.


Writer - Deadpool Corps. Rank and Foul

Writer - Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Colorist - Dagar the Invincible Archives Vol. 1

Many more! Visit www.mikegagnon.cafor a more complete list

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