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Name: Michael Grassia Primary Role: Artist Other Roles: Publisher, Editor, Letterer, Colorist, Inker, Writer, Production / Designer Genres: All-Ages, Humor, Sci-fi, Fantasy 
Location: NY, USA Contact: Website:
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Bio:Born and raised in Mahopac, New York I grew up loving cartoons. I mean REALLY loving cartoons. All my free time was spent in front of the television with a clipboard full of paper watching cartoons and drawing. My earliest memory of cartoons are the Hanna Barbera shorts. I remember really being intrigued by Magilla Gorilla, Ricochet Rabbit, and Peter Potamus. Hanna Barbera wasn’t all I watched. I watched everything from every company. If it was animated I watched. I even taught myself how to draw by recording cartoons, pausing a frame and drawing what I saw on the screen. Around the age of thirteen I discovered comic books. Before then I was only looking at newspaper comic strips. I loved the strips but the comics took me into a worlds I became somewhat familiar with from cartoons. Comic books allowed me to explore the worlds of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and the other superheroes I wanted in animated form and I could take it with me wherever I went. In addition to animated cartoons I was now in the world of comics as well. It was a new medium I start to learn about and and work in. As I grew I became more and more fascinated by cartoons. It wasn’t just about the characters moving on the screen, it was the process that started to keep me spellbound. I spent all my free time learning about the process. When I reached high school/college I realized animation was more than just making cartoons. I started studying the art of storytelling. I learned how to do everyting from creating a concept to editing it for the screen. In my first semester of college at the age of eighteen I got an internship doing concept art and animation for a small children’s education software company. After a few months I was hired part time. From then on I worked doing concept art and animation while attending school. I did work in other fields including illustration, graphic design, web design, video production, photography, and puppetry. After all my years of studying and working I have realized that my true passion is storytelling with my favorite mediums to work in are illustration and aniamtion. My goal is to just entertain people with the best possible story I can through whichever storytelling medium I can. I also love to work with humor and I have a rule when it comes to humor. “I don’t care if you laugh with me or at me, as long as you laugh I did my job.” Currently, I work as a freelance illustrator, animator, and writer. I also teach traditional and digital based art classes on the college level. You can follow me on Facebook at When I am not doing artwork, I can be found at home enjoying the company of my wife and two cats. I also spend a lot of my free time enjoying comics, movies, cartoons, and television shows. I’m a huge geek who loves science fiction and fantasy. Stepping out of reality and into fantasic worlds really entertains and inspires me. In addition to sci-fi/fantasy I also geek out for anything Disney and Hanna Barbera.

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Ramon Gil Date 08/07/2016

Review: Michael can be counted on in a pinch. While I haven't worked with him on a book, he came through for me when I needed help in a workshop I was giving!