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Name: Marta Tanrikulu Primary Role: Editor Other Roles: Writer Genres: Sci-fi, alternate history, adventure, mystery, noir, horror 
Location: California, United States Contact: Website:
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Bio:Marta Tanrikulu is an editor and writer of stories in various genres. She is one of the co-editors of the Out of the Blue anthologies and the editor of Santa’s Favorite Tales, and her illustrated scripts have appeared on the Verticalismi website, in the Memoirs of the Mysterious, Metaverse, Ignition: Volume 1, Uncanny Adventures Duo #1, Cellar Door: Ancient, and Gwan anthologies, as well as anthologies published by Red Stylo Media, Arcana, GrayHaven, Cellar Door, Spectare, and 215 Ink.

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Ramon Gil Date 06/09/2016

Review: I've worked with Marta several times and she's great! An excellent editor who delivers what she promises when she promises. But she's very busy so book her way in advance!