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Name: Kasey Quevedo Primary Role: Artist Other Roles: Writer Genres: Sci-fi, Action, Horror 
Location: Washington, United States Contact: Website: www.***.***
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Bio:Kasey Quevedo has been working as a professional artist for almost twenty years. Early on his love for comics led him to the Joe Kubert School of Comics and Graphic Arts. Shortly after returning he did work for a local indie publisher El Salto Comics relaunching Aztec of the City and doing a quarterly comic strip Street Cruisers for Lowrider Bicycle Magazine. He soon relocated to Seattle, WA where his love for comics segued into a career in the video game industry. There he's served multiple roles from illustration, concepts, and storyboarding to 3d modeling, animation, and art direction on Quantum Conundrum and Soul Fjord for Airtight Games. He is currently working as an Art Director on an unannounced game. Over the years, his love for comics never diminishing, he's self published a comic Crossings, took over artistic duties for the last six issues of a webcomic, Genocide Man, and self published his own sci-fi webcomic, Velocidad which has recently been picked up for print publication by Panel Pirates.


El Salto Comics-Aztec of the City(artist)

KCQ Comics(self published)-Crossing(co-writer/ artist)

Ohm Warp Publications-Genocide Man(Artist(Chapters 15-20)-

Panel Pirates- Velocidad(writer/ artist)-


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