Creator Profile: Grant Stoye

Name: Grant Stoye Primary Role: Writer Other Roles: Editor Genres: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Super Hero 
Location: Michigan, United States Contact: Website: www.***.***
Delivers Or Pays On Time: Professionalism: Communication: Quality Of Work: Price Range:

Bio:I've been a sports journalist, food columnist, news writer, radio producer, and English assistant, but now I'm trying my hand at a lifelong dream and becoming a comic creator. Also, slightly humorous.


  • Legacy - YA Super Hero Novel
    Jim Gideon only recently discovered both his powers and his father's past as a super hero, but can he deal with those revelations as well as living a teenaged life?
  • God Says Hi - Sci Fi Comic Book
    In the far future a sect of Christianity has assimilated most all religions and science through its money and power, and now a team of four scientists will navigate the time stream to see the face of God. What could possibly go wrong?
  • the Minion - Real World Super Hero Comic
    After a botched super villain scheme leaves him singed and alone, the Minion deals with his lfe's choices in a diner. Without even buying a coffee...
  • Not My First Rodeo - Super Hero Comic
    It's hard to get good help these days.
  • the Door - Sci Fi Comic
    Two scientists and a super-criminal on work release are about to breach dimensions.
  • No Outline - Horror Comic
    Two young girls are pursued by a monster, and call forth a golem to save them.

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Alaire Racicot Date 01/11/2018

Review: Grant was so fun to work with! He answered all my questions that I had while working and wasn't afraid to give me feedback when I needed it! His ideas are also really fun, which is what drove me to work with him in the first place. Top notch client, and top notch dude.