Creator Profile: Fred Schiller

Name: Fred Schiller Primary Role: Writer Other Roles: Production / Designer, Editor Genres: humor, heroes, science fiction, crime, young adult, time travel, super heroics,  
Location: California, United States Contact: Website: www.***.***
Delivers Or Pays On Time: Professionalism: Communication: Quality Of Work: Price Range:

Bio:I am a freelance writer for hire, but I also occasionally work on staff. Over the years I've written Spider-Man and X-Men comic books, scripted dialogue for computer and video games, worked on staff at a lot of great places like DC Comics and Stan Lee Media, written Young Adult novels, detective yarns, and stories for children and adults with learning disabilities. I've also written enough web copy and e-commerce material to fill a dozen hard drives.


Freelance Clients Include:

Vatra Games, SilverTree Media, Marvel Comics, Paramount Studios, Playmates Interactive, Gander Publishing, Liquid Development, First Publishing, Random House Interactive, Archon Gaming, 3DO Games, Eclipse Books, Thinkingcap Press, Johnny Carson Productions, Crystal Dynamics, Byron Preiss Visual Publications, iVendor, Nelvana Animation, Disney Publishing, Incite Magazine, eToll Corporation, Majestic Entertainment, First Publishing, New Comics Group, First Comics, Tangent Toys,, Strategies, Inc. Valiant Comics, Now Comics, and Fishbrain Creative Services.

Former Staff Positions:

Gander Publications – San Luis Obispo, CA – Staff Writer and Editor

Stan Lee Media – Encino, CA – Staff Writer

The Illusions Gaming Company – Sausalito, CA – Console and PC Game Designer

DC Comics – New York, NY – Production Coordinator

First Comics – Chicago, IL – Production Manager

Eclipse Comics – Forestville, CA – Editorial Manager and Staff Writer

New Comics Group – Palo Alto, CA – Editor and Production Manager

Now Comics – Chicago, IL – Staff Writer and Editor

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