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Name: ENRIQUE LOPEZ Primary Role: Inker Other Roles: Editor, Writer, Artist Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Superheroes 
Location: New Jersey, USA Contact: Website: www.***.***
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Bio:I am currently working freelance as a writer and inker having had the opportunity to ink some pieces by Billy Tucci, Paul Abrams, Zack Dolan, among others which are part of my print gallery as well as Sketchbook. The 2019 sketchbook includes pencil pieces by artists such as Barry Kitson, Billy Tucci, Paul Abrams, Antonio Uchoa, Jailton Rabelo and others inked by me. I already have the 2020 edition of the Sketchbook as well as a mini sketch book. A number of other books are in process. I was the cover inker for Stupendous, a super hero anthology. I also contributed 2 character sketches for the cover plus a 6 page comic and pinup inked by Keith Williams. I have a 10 page comic in the Horrendous Anthology #2 to which I provided a cover sketch. I have a number of projects in the works: Writer and illustrator for “Not So Fair Tales”, a kickstarter anthology launching in May/June 2021 which includes 3 stories written by me with full art on one, 3 pages on a second and full inks on another separate project; Inker for Triple Threat Comics's comic book series “Soul Eraser” starting on issue #4; Writer and illustrator of a story in the local NJ artist anthology "Horrendous #3"; Inker of "The Mighty Thunderbolt #1" project in 2021. I also have a weekly show on Instagram and FB Live called “INKING WITH QUIQUE!” every Wednesday at 8pm EST. The show is a conversation with comic industry personalities where I ink a sketch done by the artist or interview depending if they are colorist, inkers, writers, etc. Previous guests include : Keith Williams, Mack McKenna, Uko Smith, Sammy Castillo, Derek Pashano, Angel Manuel Lopez and many more. I am closing in on the 50th show in April 2021. Feel free to drop by live or watch previous shows. I am originally from Puerto Rico living now just a few minutes from New York City on the Jersey side of the Hudson River.


Writer/Artist/Cover Artist&Inker : Stupendous Magazine #1 Story : "Masks"

Writer/Artist/Cover Artist : Horrendous Halloween 2020 : Story : "Carnivorous"

Writer/Inker - Not So Fair Tales (Summer 2021) : Story : "Dying to Escape Little Bankroo"

Writer/Artist/Inker - Not So Fair Tales (Summer 2021) :: Story : "Take Out"

Writer/Artist - Not So Fair Tales (Summer 2021) : Story : "Iron John"

Inker - Not So Fair Tales (Summer 2021) : Story "Rhyming"

Editor - Not So Fair Tales (Summer 2021) : Story "The Dress"

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