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Name: Eagle None Primary Role: Publisher Other Roles: Production / Designer, Editor, Letterer, Colorist, Inker, Writer, Artist Genres: All 
Location: Texas, United States Contact: Website: www.***.***
Delivers Or Pays On Time: Professionalism: Communication: Quality Of Work: Price Range:

Bio:Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and founder of NO-Earth Comics, a writer/artist CO-OP. We are always accepting submissions in the form of pitches (please see our website for format and requirements). We pay back-end in the form of shares/royalties, and have been profitable (meaning paying shares) for the last 2 years. Pay is VERY low (pizza money) but is assured due to the CO-OP nature of the company. We have three books printed, and are going to be on a new book a month schedule in early 2018. We are a shared universe, and only publish comics set in our universe. If you bring original characters, you retain ownership of said characters. This is a company for getting started in comics, not for seasoned professionals (We're not going to turn you away, but the low compensation will).


Warmage #1 - Writer, Artist, Publisher
Johnny Reb #1 Writer, Letterer, Editor, Publisher
The Law Of The Jungle #1 - Writer, Editor, Publisher

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