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Name: Derek Adnams Primary Role: Writer Other Roles: Writer
Location: NY, USA Contact: Website: Not Applicable
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Bio:The first thing he remembers looking at is AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #188, in 1979. Stories have been locked inside his head for a long time. Now they’re escaping.


“Of Guns and Land”, Out of the Blue: Campfire Tales, Stache Publishing, 2016

“The Downsizing of Quentin Mykroh”, Indie Comics Magazine #9, Aazurn Publishing, 2015

“Begierde Überhaupt”, Outré Anthology Vol 5: Desire, Outré Press, 2015

“Halloween 3,000,000 Years from Now”, IndieWeen, Comic Bastards, 2015

“The Man in the Gray Fire Suit”, The Prompt, 2015

“Bluetool”, Aporkalypse, Stache Publishing, 2015

“Miller: Year Now”, The Prompt, 2015

“The Fuhrer’s Dagger”, Indie Comics Magazine #8, Aazurn Publishing, 2014

Suitz #2: Riot Act, uCreateComics, 2014

“Life’s Work”, The Gathering: Mosaic, GrayHaven Comics, 2014

“Inner Child”, IndieWeen, Comic Bastards, 2014

“The Wait”, Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories, Stache Publishing, 2014

Average Jo #1, co-written with John Pross, Hound Comics, 2013

“he”, Indie Comics Magazine #7, Aazurn Publishing, 2013

“Growth Spurt” & “Pulling the Trigger”, Danger: High Voltage, Pross Comics, 2012

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