Creator Profile: Derek Chase

Name: Derek Chase Primary Role: Artist Other Roles: Writer, Colorist, Letterer, Production / Designer Genres: Horror 
Location: NJ, USA Contact: Website: www.***.***
Delivers Or Pays On Time: Professionalism: Communication: Quality Of Work: Price Range:

Bio:Derek L. Chase was born on July 21, 1989 in a small town near his family’s home in Rushville, Indiana. His mother used to buy him comics that came in small bundles from the store and he’s never stopped reading. In 2008, Derek attended his first year at The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, now known as The Kubert School, and started his first work in the comic book industry with Dallas: The Gathering, a short series based on the hit TV show, and Gamekiss’s Freestyle webcomic, based on their online video game. Currently, Derek lives in New Jersey with Julia, his coffee-loving life partner, where he works as a graphic designer, routinely listens to podcasts, argues over the importance of the Oxford comma, and occasionally gets paid.

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