Creator Profile: Christopher Snowdon

Name: Christopher Snowdon Primary Role: Colorist Other Roles: Letterer, Artist Genres: Adventure, Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy 
Location: New York, United States Contact: Website: www.***.***
Delivers Or Pays On Time: Professionalism: Communication: Quality Of Work: Price Range:

Bio:Experienced comic artist and writer since 2004. Flexible Rates - Tell me what your budget is and I'll show you what I can do for that rate. Portfolio & Contact @


Comic Work:
Attack of the Amazing Flying Spud - Author/Artist/Letterer - Indie
Steampowered in Otazine Vol.0 and Vol.1 - Author/Artist/Letterer - Otacorp.
Alien Dawn comics - Writer/Pencils/Inks/Layouts/Letterer - 341 Productions/Nickelodeon
Hydrant Education Action Team: CapMan - Writer/Cleanup Artist/Layouts/letterer /Production Design - SoBRO/NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection

Ultimate Night of the Living Dead - Storyboard (Layouts) Artist/Colourist - DoubleTake NYC

I, Necromancer - Colourist - Encounter Roleplay

Potential - Colourist - Indie

The Sprawl - Author/Artist/Colourist/Letterer/Production Artist - Indie

Design/Illustration/Studio work:
Artist for RIFTS CCG - Precedence Entertainment
Prop Artist for "I Am Legend: Survival" - Warner Bros. Interactive
Graphic Designer and Consultant for NYC Dept. of Education
Art Instructor/Activities Lead - South Bronx Economic Development Corp. (SoBRO)
Production Assistant/Storyboard Artist - "Jolly Rabbit" 341 Productions
Lead Artist/Storyboards/Head of Comic Art Department for Nickelodeon's "Alien Dawn" TV series - 341 Productions/Nickelodeon

Art Instructor - Bronx Aerospace HS

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