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Name: Alaire Racicot Primary Role: Artist Other Roles: Inker Genres: Fantasy, Mythology, Western, Sci-fi 
Location: Ontario, Canada Contact: Website: www.***.***
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Bio:I am Alaire Racicot (formerly Alaire Bowen), a Washington state native who graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho with a Bachelor’s Degree in illustration, now living in Canada with my husband, Toben. I was an avid gamer, the Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy series’ being my biggest inspirations for not only my art, but my love for fantasy and mythology. Seriously, I will not shut up about it. Currently, I've gone freelance and am working on several pitches and titles for clients. More than anything, I just wanna create stories I enjoy, and hope others will enjoy them too. RATES: I'm primarily a line artist, but on occasion I will color. I also work on covers and character design! b+w pages are currently $50/page. I have attached a more in-depth price list (which includes cover prices and design prices) in the credentials section! Thanks for stopping by!


I am an illustrator specializing in sequential line art, and have been freelancing since July 2016.
Price List

CROWN & ANCHOR (Ongoing)
A comedy, fantasy maritime tale about three unlikely bounty hunters and their stumbling upon highly sought after tokens of lore.
With these legendary relics discovered, their lives become very, very difficult. With mysterious Pirate Lords hot on their heels, and bring pursued by other outside forces (with the means of murdering them in cold blood), these pirates must overcome adversity in the waters as well as in themselves.

Written, co-created, and lettered by Toben Racicot
Co-created and illustrated by Alaire Racicot
Crown & Anchor can be found on Tapas, Webtoon, ComicFury, SmackJeeves, and our Patreon (artindustries).

A 48 page collection of four short stories includes titles Aye Aye Captain, Apostasy, In Tuesday's Wake, and Thirst.
Written and lettered by Toben Racicot
Co-created and illustrated by Alaire Racicot.
(This comic has also been printed)

An inktober 2017 compilation
Drawn and written by Alaire Racicot
Compiled and lettered by Toben Racicot

A webcomic now on follows average Joe on a downward spiral as he becomes possessed by a horseman of the apocalypse.
Written by Claude Valles
Illustrated by Alaire Racicot
Colors by Peyton Freeman
Lettered by Toben Racicot

Now on Comixology, focuses on a world where Christianity rules, and scientists will do anything - moral or otherwise - to meet God, Himself.
Written by Grant Stoye
Illustrated by Alaire Racicot

Taking place in the 80's, this story tells the struggles of humans, mystics, and half-breeds called Keepers, as they try to all fit together within the same world.
Written by Lo Ro
Illustrated by Alaire Racicot
Colored by Robyn Huffaker
Lettered by Toben Racicot

A sci-fi action adventure about an all-female resistance fighter team trying to bring down the ever-vicious Imperium and bring peace to all worlds once again.
Written by Wil Esteves
Illustrated by Alaire Racicot
Colored by Bethany Consoliver
Lettered by Toben Racicot

I have worked on additional pitches and titles such as:
Ocean State, Warlocked Up, Adventures in Cryptozoology, The 23rd Annual Golden Henchmen Awards, Fellstone, Spero, The Six, The Templar, and Transients.

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Grant Stoye Date 01/11/2018

Review: I was initially floored when I first started working with Alaire - with how quickly she works and for how exquisite her art is, she should have been charging FAR more for her work! She's quick to ask questions, always open to criticisms or corrections and does just an incredible job of creating visuals based on story descriptions. It's hard to believe she keeps getting better. I can't WAIT to work with her again.