About The Comics Professionals Directory

The Comics Professionals Directory is a community of creators who are here to support each other by giving each other constructive criticism, advice and possible work. All members are asked to be civil and courteous to fellow creators.

For most, if not all creators, making comics is a labor of love that either provides a small income or source of expense. The production of comics costs money. Money to pay artists, writers, colorists, letterers, printers, shipping, comic con tables and the list goes on.

Because of all these costs, creators tend to watch every penny and cannot afford to go into partnerships with creators who don't deliver or who don't conduct themselves professionally.

The Comics Professionals Directory is a platform by which we can all give each other feedback on what we're like to work with, how much we charge and how well we honor our commitments.

Will there be bad reviews? Yes. And that's why CPD can be good practice on how we manage our professional reputation. A lesson often missed in this communty. Will feelings get hurt? Maybe. But so what? Are we or are we not professionals?

So if you're serious about being a comic book creator, now's your chance to put yourself out there and tell the comic book world "I'm doing this! Check me out! And please let me know how I'm doing!"

Thank you and let's make comics!

The CPD Team